Walnut Sukhdi | Walnut Bar | Sukhdi

If you are walnuts lover this is a real treat for you. Walnuts sukhdi is a very very delicious way to eat your favorite nuts. I am among them. I love to eat walnuts and this is my favorite sweet. Walnut sukhdi stay good for a long time so you can take it with you anywhere. Whether you go for picnic of for long journey. Walnut is very healthy nuts and jaggery gives you energy. Since walnuts have its own fat you don’t need that much ghee that you need for regular sukhdi. So, enjoy this healthy and delicious sukhdi without any guilt.

INGREDIENTS: for 30-35 Pieces

Walnut powder ...............  2 Cup
Wheat flour ...................  ¾ Cup
Ghee ............................  ¾ Cup
Jaggery powder ..........  1¼ Cup

  1. In a heavy bottom pan heat the ghee on medium heat, add wheat flour and roast on medium heat for 5 minutes. While roasting stirring continuously.
  2. Add walnut powder and roast it again for 5 minutes.
  3. In the last add chopped Jaggery and mix well. Stir the mixture continuously until Jaggery absorbed properly.
  4. When jaggery mixes well remove from the heat.
  5. Transfer into greased thali (plate).
  6. Use a flat-bottomed Katori to spread the mixture evenly in the plate.
  7. Now cut into small squares or diamonds with a knife. When sukhdi cooldown, remove the pieces.

Note: If you want to store sukhdi wait till it's completely cool down, then store in an airtight container.  You can store sukhdi at room temperature for 10-15 days easily.