Fasting Recipes

 Rajgira Halwa
Rajgira Halwa
Rajgira(Amaranth) halwa is very quick to make and taste delicious. Rajgira is such a favorite on days of fasting. It has enormous nutrition that few know about.

Plantain Chips
Banana Chips
Banana chips are all-time popular snack made from raw banana, fried in oil and seasoned with spices like black pepper and salt.

 Rajgira Bhakhri
Rajgira/ Amaranth is one of the most protein-rich of any plant-based food. It is also rich in iron, calcium, manganese, and fiber. To get benefits of this amazing grain today I am sharing this Bhakhri recipe.

 Suki Bhaji
Suki Bhaji
Suki bhaji is a seasoned potato dish made specifically for fasting. In this recipe, boiled potatoes are mixed with green chilies and spices.

 Peanut Kadhi
Peanut Kadhi
Peanut Kadhi is generally made during fasting. It is made from Rajgira flour, yogurt, peanuts powder, and spices. Peanut Kadhi is served with Moriya or Samo khichdi along with Sukhi Bhaji.

Peda is a soft milk fudge that has a slightly grainy texture. The word peda is synonymous with traditional Indian milk fudge sweet. This peda made from homemade fresh paneer, milk mawa powder, sugar, cardamom powder, and fresh milk.

 Moriya Khichdi
Moriya Khichdi

Moriya/Moriayo/Samo khichdi is a very popular Gujarati khichdi mostly made during fasting. It is easy and quick to make and served with yogurt.

Amaranth Paratha
Rajgira Paratha
Rajgira(Amaranth)paratha is a very nutritious dish usually eaten during fasting. Rajgira flour is high in iron, is fiber-rich, has calcium and protein too. it is also gluten-free. It goes well with yogurt, chutney or tea.

 Kesar Mawa Burfi
Kesar burfi is a very delicious saffron-flavored burfi. There are many ways to make burfi, but I found this recipe very simple and quick. Most important is all fresh and natural ingredients are used for this recipe.

Singhara Puda
Farali Puda
Farali puda is a quick and easy dish for Upvaas (Fasting days). This delicious puda is a farali version of popular besan puda(chilla). This is made from singhara flour, yogurt, and spices. 

Mawa burfi is one of the popular sweets for all festivals, celebrations, and occasions. Mawa burfi is very easy to prepare and taste creamy, delicious.

 Sago Khichdi
Sabudana Khichdi
Sabudana khichdi is specially made during fasting, but it also great for breakfast or snack. It is cooked with Sabudana, potatoes, chilies, and peanuts.

Amaranth Bar
Rajgira Sukhdi
Rajgira (royal grain) also known as Ramana (God’s grain). The English word is amaranth grain. Rajgira has enormous nutrition and to get this I always try to find a new way to eat this grain. This Rajgira Sukhdi is easy to make and taste delicious.  

 Coconut Burfi
Coconut Burfi
Coconut burfi is a delicious sweet which is made from fresh coconut, sugar, and mawa (khoya).  In Gujarat, it’s called 'Topra pak'. Topra pak made from dry coconut powder instead of freshly grated coconut.

Moriyo Tikki
Farali Tikki
Farali Tikki is made with Moriyo, potato, and spices. It is eaten mostly during fasting. It is shallow fried using very little oil. Fafali Tikki tastes great when you eat with tea or coffee.

Peda is a symbol of celebration, it could be a festival, birth, marriage, or just any piece of good news. The Kesar version of peda is considered to be more exotic and rich compared to plain(white) peda.

 Dates Khoya Roll
Dates Khoya Roll
This mouthwatering and healthy sweet is my other's recipes. Dates provide natural sweetness and Khoya(mawa) helps to form the texture of this delicious sweet.

 Singhara Ladoo
Singhara Ladoo
Singhara ladoo a farali dessert item made from singhara/singhade/water chestnut flour, ghee and sugar. It is easy to make and taste great.

 Kesar Moriya Khichdi
Kesar Moriya Khichdi
Kesar Moriya khichdi is a very popular Gujarati khichdi mostly made during fasting. Kesar (saffron) gives exotic colors and flavors.

 Kaju Katli
Kaju Katli
Kaju katli/Kaju Katri/ Kaju barfi is an Indian dessert made from kaju(cashew) powder and sugar syrup. It is the most famous sweet in all over India.