Oats Recipes

Oats is whole grain loaded with healthy carbohydrate, fiber, protein, and iron. This is an interesting form of eating oats for breakfast. Instead of having regular oatmeal you can enjoy delicious bhakhari.

Masala Oats Idli
There are so many ways to eat idli but there is one best way to eat idli is to add tadka. Masala Tadka adds taste and flavor into simple oats idli and makes it very very yummy.

Gur Para
Cereal Chivda
Gur para or Gurpara are authentic Indian sweets. This simple and stress-free recipe, perfect for festival seasons, made from Gur(Jaggery), whole wheat and Oats flour which is healthy variety of sweet para.

 Cereal Chivda
Cereal Chivda
Cereal is healthy but we don’t like to eat every day. It’s kind of boring, but not anymore. This cereal chivda is so delicious that you want to eat each and every day.

 Oats Quinoa Idli
Oats Quinoa Idli
Oats is a healthy way to kick-start one’s day and I try to include it in our diet in many ways. And this is one more recipe to add oats in your diet with numerous beneficial grain Quinoa.

Masala Bhakhri
Masala Oats Bhakhari
This bhakhri is a masala version of Oats Bhakhri. To make more delicious and tasty, I add cumin seeds, Kasoori methi, ajwain seeds, and crushed black pepper.