Spinach Recipes

Spinach Puri
Palak Puri
Palak puri is tasty, and crunchy snack made from chopped spinach, flour, and spices. Palak puri is an enjoyable and nutritious way of eating spinach numerous vitamins and minerals. 

Spinach Idli
Palak Masala Idli
Palak Masala idli is a delightful and healthy side dish for lunch or dinner. As everyone knows palak is a healthy leafy vegetable, so here is the recipe of palak masala idli which is quite delicious and flavorful.

Spinach Puda
Palak Puda
Palak(Spinach) Puda is similar to besan Puda, is made from besan, yogurt, chopped palak, and spices. It is a quick recipe and the use of palak makes the dish healthy and delicious.

 Dal Palak
Dal Palak
Dal palak is a healthy and good combination of lentils and spinach. In this preparation 4 types of dals mix with spinach and spices, so you can get benefits of both dal and spinach.

 Palak Khichdi
Spinach (Palak) khichdi is a 3-in-1 meal. It is a combination of dal, rice, and vegetables. It is a very nutritious, filling and comforting meal. This is a one-pot meal and easy to make. So, try this dish in today's dinner.

 Sarson Ka Saag
Sarson ka saag is a popular curry in Punjab, India. It is made from mustard leaves (Sarson), spinach and spices. It is traditionally served with Makki ki roti (cornbread).