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Vegetable Patties | Baked Vegetable Patties | Healthy Patties

These healthy patties made from flours, spices, and vegetables, with a soft interior and a crispy coating. Long squash and cucumber make these patties soft from inside and chickpea flour, rice flour, and jowar flour give crispness to outsides. In addition, these are baked not fried. So, make these simple, tasty and healthy snack and enjoy with tea/coffee.

Bottle Gourd Halwa | Lauki Ka Halwa | Dudhi Halwa with Khoya

Bottle gourd(Dudhi/Lauki) halwa is famous North Indian dessert. If you like sweet dishes, here is dessert which is healthy and delicious at the same time. Bottle gourd has a lot of benefits and is a rich source of fiber. It’s great for bones, skin, hair and provides nourishment to the human body. In addition, I am adding a generous amount of dry fruits which provide nice crunchy texture, taste, and health benefits.

Bottle Gourd Subji | Dudhi/Lauki Subji

Bottle gourd/Dudhi or lauki is the most healthy and versatile vegetable that can be used in preparing a variety of savory and sweet dishes. Bottle gourd is quite bland and tasteless, so some people avoid to eat, but you can make it tasty with garlic, tomatoes, and spices. After trying this recipe, you will definitely add bottle gourd in your favorite vegetable list.

Bottle Gourd Thepla | Dudhi Thepla | Lauki Paratha | Long Squash Paratha

Bottle gourd/lauki/dudhi thepla is one of the healthy theplas which is full of protein, calcium, and fiber. There are many different kinds of theplas like; masala thepla, methi thepla, cabbage thepla, mixed vegetable thepla and more; But today I am sharing dudhi thepla recipe with you, which is quick, healthy and delicious.

Bottle Gourd Muthia | Delicious Gujarati Muthia

Bottle Gourd Muthia (dumpling) is famous Gujarati anytime meal. It is made from wheat flour, chickpea flour mixed with shredded bottle gourd and spices. It is steamed and tempered with oil and spices. It often served with tea or coffee.

Handvo | Bottle Gourd(Lauki) Handva

Handvo is famous Gujarati snack. It is similar to a cake but spicy, made with rice and dal better or handvo flour mix with shredded bottle gourd(lauki) and spices. It goes well with tea, sauce or chutney.