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Oats Quinoa Idli | Healthy Idli | Oats Idli

Oats is a healthy way to kick-start one’s day and I try to include it in our diet in many ways. And this is one more recipe to add oats to your diet with numerous beneficial grain Quinoa. A healthy steamed oats-quinoa idli is very nutritious and gives you the energy which is needed to kick-start your day. Oats idli can be an ideal healthy breakfast option. So, learn how to make instant super spongy and delicious oats-quinoa idli at home.

Cereal Chivda | Healthy Chivda | Mix Cereal Chivda | Chivda

Cereal is healthy but we don’t like to eat every day. It’s kind of boring, But not anymore. This cereal Chivda is so delicious that you want to eat each and every day. You can eat at the breakfast with tea or coffee or you can eat as a snack anytime. This is a healthy snack for kids also. For this Chivda, you need three kinds of cereal corn flakes, cheerios, and rice flakes. Sesame seeds, fennel seeds, peanuts, and spices make this Chivda so yummy...

Oats Bhakhari | Oats Indian Flat Bread | Oats Roti

Oats is whole grain loaded with healthy carbohydrate, fiber, protein, and iron. This is an interesting form of eating oats for breakfast. Instead of having regular oatmeal you can enjoy delicious bhakhari. Oats bhakhari is the best way to eat oats. Start your day with tasty and healthy oats bhakhari as a wholesome meal. The recipe is simple and easy, like regular bhakhari.