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Rajgira Sukhdi | Ramdana Sukhdi | Amaranth Bar

Rajgira (royal grain) also known as Ramdana (God’s grain). The English word is amaranth grain. The origin of the word amaranth is Sanskrit and believe it or not, it means, ‘deathless’. Rajgira has enormous nutrition and to get this I always try to find a new way to eat this grain. This Rajgira sukhdi is easy to make and taste delicious.

Rajgira Bhakhri | Upvas Bhakhri | Farali Bhakhari | Rajgira Roti

Rajgira/ Amaranth is one of the most protein-rich of any plant-based food. It is also rich in iron, calcium, manganese, and fiber. To get benefits of this amazing grain today I am sharing this bhakhri recipe. I add Singhara (water chestnut) flour for binding which is also considered as healthy ingredients. This healthy bhakhri is very easy and simple to make and you can eat this in fasting or any regular day with tea, coffee or curd.

Rajgira Halwa | Amaranth Flour Halwa | Fasting Halwa Recipe

Rajgira (Amaranth)  halwa is very quick to make and taste delicious. Rajgira is such a favorite on days of fasting. It has the enormous nutrition that few know about. In this halwa rajgira flour roasted in ghee, then add sugar and boiled milk.

Peanut Kadhi | Fasting Kadhi | Famous Gujarati - Peanut Kadhi

Peanut kadhi is generally made during fasting. It is made from rajgira flour, yogurt, peanuts powder, and spices. Peanut kadhi is served with Moriya or samo khichdi along with suki bhaji.

Rajgira Paratha | Amaranth Potato Paratha | Farali Roti | Fasting Paratha

Rajgira(amaranth)paratha is very nutritious dish usually eaten during fasting. Rajgira flour is high in iron, is fiber-rich, has calcium and protein too. It is also gluten-free. And with potatoes, it becomes soft and delicious. It goes well with yogurt, chutney or tea.